The Ballet Studio
at the Moravian Theatre Olomouc


The Ballet Studio at the Moravian Theatre Olomouc.

In 2003 Jitka Weiermuller and Robert Balogh , with the support of the former director of the Moravian Theatre Olomouc Mgr. Václav Kožušník and the former head of the ballet company Jiří Sekanina, founded the Ballet Studio. Under the management of experienced pedagogues and the members of the company of Moravian Theatre it tries to follow the long ongoing Olomouc tradition and offer to children no only quality education but as well it attempts to evoke love and sense for music and theatre arts. Children often perform in variety of theatre performances and after an arrangement with production and staging they have free entry for rehearsals. In this way they acquire knowledge and positive attitude towards theatre traditions. Our primary target is to motivate children to physical activity and movement itself. Our goal is not only to give ballet lessons spent by a ballet pole but to also give lessons in dance, gymnastics and even purely modern dance. We want to captivate children with music, dance, gymnastics, ballet, as well as with theatre arts.
A choreograph and director Robert Balogh, the head of the ballet company of the MTO, assumed art patronage over the children and annually creates for them very successful performances. For talented children he in addition builds choreography shows with which they successfully represent themselves on competitions home and abroad.